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The master of ‪#‎Party‬ ‪#‎Events‬ & ‪#‎Festivals‬ 

Mr. RocKing the Lord of RocKing Roll

Customers voice: „Mr. RocKing puts visions in words, pictures and music as he could look right into your heart and brain. He is a Genius musican and author. It is awesome to work with him.
It was and still is a succsessfull and creative working relationship. I highly recommend him and his business.“

30 Years of Art & Songwriting + 1.500 Gigs + made in Germany + ASCAP Member

Hello & welcome Into the world of Mr. RocKing. Thank you so much for your connection. It's a big pleasure for us to be in touch with you.

Feel free to contact Mr. RocKing for any further questions

Mr. RocKing proudly present a dizzy funny independent  music show +++ Mr. RocKing Entertainment +++ Handmade in Germany by the Godfather of RocKing Roll +++ © 2014 & ASCAP by Frank from Frankfurt

+++ if it´s a good one +++  it´s made by Mr. RocKing

Powered by  +++ I.F.W.T +++ in fun we trust produktions.

Warmest regards from Germany.

Mr RocKing´s

RocKing Roll Circus

wish you a RocKing day

Mr. RocKing works in the german music buisness for over 25 years. He composed 4000 songs and some hit´s are available for Radio & TV and tons of playback music. Mr. RocKing produced many genres : RocKing Music Styles: Southern Rock, RocKing Roll, Blues, Pop, Ballads, Techno, Hard Rock, Funk, RnB real handmade Oldschool music.

Mr. RocKing rules the stage. Musicwise  charisma & professionalism & top-styling of Mr. RocKing (Frank Bräutigam ) as well as his skilled animalistic voice put a spell on every audience. He burns himself till his last drop of sweat in gratitude to his responsive audience. He play´s his guitar like beeing born with it. The uncontrolling  positive energie of his show, isn‘t measurably in sparks but in his responsive audience and the applaus like the noise of an ocean

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*  Pre & After Show Party Music by DJ WaWaRocDig

** All price plus tax

*** Venues provide PA & Lights, Mr. RocKing & The band travels with backline amps/instruments and drumset only. Stageorder = „RocKing Stage Book“

*** Technikhinweis: Die Bühne sollte mit Licht und P.A. (Frontline technik) ausgestattet sein. Die Bühnenaufbaubeschreibung entnehmen Sie bitte dem „RocKing Stage Book“.