Mr. RocKing

The Hall of Fame Interview: 

Mr. RocKing (Frank Bräutigam) interviewed by Mr. Michael Limnios / Ambassador / Blues Hall of Fame /

Mr. RocKing How do you describe Mr. RocKing sound and songbook? What characterize your music philosophy?

Art is life +++  in fun we trust +++ if it´s a good one, it´s made by Mr. RocKing +++ never work for free.

RocKing Roll is positive fun created grooves including a bittersweet voice. Like a good drink.

My Music Education Series and my Songbooks are for my Audience, Fans end everyone who plays a real instrument and leaves the standard playing alone. They come along in different styles: Guitar and Voice, Bass & Drum & Band-Sheets. You also can order the single sheets.

Link to my Music & Songbook Shop:

Which is the most interesting period in your life? Which was the best and worst moment of your career?

Now is the most interesting period. It´s possible to connect worldwide, send your song to the whole world - it is so crazy, I love it. In the past we spent thousand of Dollars to connect with People by sending presskits worldwide. Today 1/2 hour on the computer and good luck my new song.

Worst is always the beginning of skripting a new Show. It´s always like an accident and I wish I can die.

Best moment : stand on stage an recieve a standing ovation by a small club audience, this is a high end feeling.

What are some of the most memorable gigs and jams you've had? Which memory makes you smile?

Gig´s come and go but my best jam was a spontane donation gig at an Retirement Home "The elven oaks" in Monrovia (LA). This was  a USA charity jam .. old fashioned Christmas RocKing Roll ... with one of Lady Gagas people one the piano, awesome. My agent called in : hey in 20 min we have a donation gig with a great pianist, you will need 30 min in your car, so hurry up, go go go". He collected a lot of great musicians, so the jamming was real fun. You can see some Videos of this gig on my Homepage :  - please follow :  Mr RocKing and choose Videos

Some music sidestorys make me smile like: Jay-man one of my Agents in L. In the 80´s he produced shows like fresh prince of Bel Air, Munster. He  never stopped talking for one minute, every second a new idea but good at heart. Stresslevel 200 %

Are there any memories from recording time which you’d like to share with us?

YES : you can hear all the mem´s on my Page choose Mr. RocKing and hear the best memories in my songlyrics.

But I think you mean the moment you wake up and something special is going on .....  Recording week .... you sleep 3 hours, wake up and a Princess lying in the bed next to you, great ideas flying around, you jump in the studio, record the song and bevor the girl make's breakfast, I have recorded & written the whole song. To be in Love help´s a lot ;-)

What do you miss most nowadays from the music of past? What are your hopes and fears for the future of?

MISS ? nothing - the future (i mean today) is the best for a pro musician and a real artist

HOPES : No War, No Money, Love everywhere, Richness for everyone

Fears: War, Money is nothing worth, Hate & Racism, poorness for everyone

What is the best advice ever given you and what advice would you give to new generation?

My best advice came from the Black Eyed Peas. In theire song "I got a feeling" you can hear in the Lyrics : "Mr RocKing don't stop " thanks by the way

So, my advice to a new rock´n´roll generation : Rock on & watch your step (never work for free)

What are the lines that connect the legacy of Blues with Soul and continue to Funk and Southern Rock?

Modern time need´s modern music. RocKing music is easy to understand. Groove and feeling of Mr. RocKing is the line.

And for me is Blues, Soul, Funk & Southern Rock the Kick like drugs to my fans. I AM ADDICTED to this musicstyles. Good music is good music it's just a matter of taste.

If you could change one thing in the musical world and it would become a reality, what would that be?

Delete the Office/paper/ work, but I think : I would like to have a brain to studio device. That would make a first take musician fast as hell. Producing a whole CD in 45 Seconds.

Make an account of the case of Rock n’ Roll in German. Which is the most interesting period in local scene?

My Agents told me I am one of  the ten last Rocknroller in Germany who can pay his bills with own music and an artfull life.

Rock´n´Roll dies & DJ´ing grow´s. Germany is a bad place for the Rock´n´Roll. Beeing a musican is a Hobby over here and most people don't take it serious, that's hard for the young ones.

What are the lines that connect the legacy of Rock n’ Roll from States to German?

The early blues musician the ones round bout 1900, that played with untuned guitars and change the timing every second, but they were so extraordenairy bluesy. Never recorded by majors but by music lovers.

And for me it means : In the States I play my Rock´n´Roll Shows and  in Germany I skript and do the songwriting for my show.

What has made you laugh lately and what touched (emotionally) you from the local music circuits?

The Business routines, no one know´s. To life the Rock´n´Roll is daily a awesome experience. I skript my new show "R.K.T.V." bout this thema, my new comedy rocking roll show is available 8/2014.  Take a small peak on:

Emotionally touched me the musicians of Eagle Rock (Los Angeles) especialy my best friend Dan Hanken Bandleader of "the Cosmic Squirrels "and the charitywork they do every day. He for example, is playing every day in mals and restaurants and donate's the money personal to the homeless people.

Let’s take a trip with a time machine, so where and why would you really wanna go for a whole day..?

I´ll take "Dr. Who´s" time machine, so I would collect all Members of "THE BAND" and travell to the beginning of time, to start with the Big Bang.  I think the first day was the longest opener in the history of universe. Perhaps one million years long,  enough time to play the ultimative blues session with the guys.

Mr. RocKing says thanks a lot for this nice interview


Mr. Michael Limnios / Ambassador / Blues Hall of Fame /

Mr. RocKing + The Lord of RocKing Roll
30 Years of Art & Songwriting + made in Germany + ASCAP Member

Mr. RocKing works in the german music buisness for over 25 years. He composed 4000 songs and some hit´s are available for Radio & TV and tons of playback music. Mr. RocKing produced many genres : RocKing Music Styles: Southern Rock, RocKing Roll, Blues, Pop, Ballads, Techno, Hard Rock, Funk, RnB

Oldschool handmade music.

Mr. RocKing rules the stage. Musicwise  charisma & professionalism & top-styling of Mr. RocKing (Frank Bräutigam ) as well as his skilled animalistic voice put a spell on every audience. He burns himself till his last drop of sweat in gratitude to his responsive audience. He play´s his guitar like beeing born with it. The uncontrolling  positive energie of his show, isn‘t measurably in sparks but in his responsive audience and the applaus like the noise of an ocean. (standing ovations)

The Multi-Instrumentalist Mr RocKing plays in the studio & live on stage: Vocal & Choir, Guitar, Bass, Drum, Piano & Keys, Harp & Horns. Also he is a digital recording master with his ProTools Studio.

Music on :

RocKing Goals:
25 Books published
4 Music Awards
4000 written songs in dif. Genres
20 Shows
50 CD´s
1500 Gigs
10 Bands performed
20 Years of TV & Radio
10.000 People max. Audititions

All Songs are made by Mr. RocKing , written, recorded and adapted mixing und mastering.

This is meant for all  shows, the musicals und videos.

He builds and pimps his instruments by himself .  „RocKing Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums“  are real handmade -  to record and produce his Show in his Studio "Frogtown Records" .

Mr. RocKing was educated by ,meanwhile  departed, Armando Appiani, who set standards with his Scuola del Belcanto for Voice Trainig  in the Twentieth Century. Mr. RocKing visited master classes  given by

this Expert of Belcanto.  Appiani who combinated the Tradition of Belcanto and the Voicebuilding  Methods of  Funktional Voice Training inspired Mr. RocKing to do so  in  Rock and Pop Music Education.

RocKing Hobbys:  Paint in Oil, Acryl and Chalk, The Art of  Bonsai, Golf, developing and building  Instruments and Helikopters (Scale Model Making).  Mr Rocking found his passion for the Art of Painting and Sculpting 1992 at the La Grange College (Georgia, USA) .

Professional Musical Training Frank Bräutigam ( Mr. RocKing):

1982 - 1987   Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocal - Lessons with Private Teachers (Classic & Rock)

                      Educational Objective:   Harmonics, Rhythmics, Notation

1982 - 1988   Actors Trainig & Theater

1986 - 1992   Vocal Training from Opera God : Armando Appiani , Private Teachers  (Chor, Opera, Rock)

      1. - Breathing, Voice Intonation, Technique, Singing for several Voices

  1. 1986 - 1987   Saxophon Lessons by Music School Seligenstadt

1986 - 1990   Piano Lessons by Private Teachers

                    -  Fingering & Posture, R & B

1989 - 1999  Tontechnique by Private Teacher of the   SAE Audio Engineer  College in Frankfurt

                    -  Analog & Digital - Recording and Mixing

1991 - 1999  Drum Lessons by Private Teacher   

1996 - 1999  different refreshing Courses  by several Profi Musicans

                    (Drums, Piano, Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Recording)